Oakland A’s Game: Wizards and Witches Fireworks Night

On Saturday, July 29th, Cal Quidditch attended the Oakland A’s game on Wizards and Witches Fireworks night. The Athletics reached out to Cal Quidditch after their Northern California Quidditch Conference (NCQC) Championship win with congratulatory free tickets and an offer to be the Golden Snitch for the 6th inning Hall of Fame race.

Cal Quidditch attends the Oakland Athletics game on Wizards and Witches Fireworks night to celebrate their championship win
Partial team photo

Dylan Stover, one of Cal’s male beaters, volunteered to be the snitch for the Hall of Fame race. Dylan, who had played baseball throughout his life, was able to fulfill a childhood dream of setting foot on an MLB field. The race ended up being a close one with A’s Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers pulling out a narrow win against Dylan in a photo finish. All in all, good times were to be had and Cal Quidditch looks forward to winning more championships and attending more games.

Find footage of the race here: The Golden Snitch, the most important ball of the lot!…




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